Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer projects

Oh boy ! This is a big one! I have decided to remodel my Victorian and I have a clean and ready space. I still need to finish painting the stairs but have found they are not so easy! I was going to hand paint but after taking these 'before' photos I think it will be easier to spray paint. Until taking photos of them , I really had no idea how it looked in all those tight corners! It is pretty neat and actually looks like a real house lol I hope you you have fun watching this work in progress! The outside is staying mint green unless I give in and paint it yellow! That is what I have been telling myself to do with the exterior! Who thinks I should go yellow? Or stay mint? I would love any ideas you want to throw my way for the inside. I love the cottage and shabby styles and all things feminine. My daughter is in Maine for the week and will be gone again in August so I am leaving my self no choice but to start the remodel this week! I will post updates and photos for you all to see!

The front view

storage space under stairs


Family room

The stairs in the hall/ foyer

top floor landing

the lighting is not so good in this photo but I am hoping to make this the kitchen!

the images in this post are of a Victorian Doll House :)


  1. That is amazingly cool.

    I so wish I had something like that when I was a little girl.

  2. lol, some of the closeup shots looks like a real life-size house

  3. That is beyond adorable. I had no idea they were so advanced!

  4. I know, when I took the photos I thought it was very life like also lol it is almost deceiving!


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