Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Hearts

Etsy Artists just never cease to amaze me! Sharing is Caring:) So here ya go...
and Happy Saturday!

Love these earrings by Niu Taller

Vintage Pumps in Salmon! I so heart these at the Allen Company

I just traded a Wake and Bake soap for this completely cute bookmark! It is so delicate and beautifully made at Joyous Treasures

I love this amazing photo by Birds and Cerries

So shabby chic! I really wish I would have caught this one by My Finch

and this one too at Finding Fabulous shop
I have a thing for Retro phones!

I so wish my daughter was young enough for this adorable Mermaid outfit by Boutique NRF NY

Tea Time with Anita7276

If I could afford this I would make my husband play it for me on the Beach! Find it at Crooked Moon Mosaics


  1. Hey, thanks for mentioning me! I love the soap!

  2. How could I not? Glad you are loving your soap:)


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