Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello, Summer!?

Ahhh Welcome to the official days of Summer! I spend my summer days lounging at the shore line with a book, magazines, water bottles, fresh fruit, ipod, and my daughter and a couple of friends. We nestle ourselves away at our private beach away from the tourists and enjoy lazy summer days. My daughter loves to tide pool and create little cities for the critters she finds, spending countless hours among the big rocks. Fireworks every Wednesday and fires on the beach at night-it really doesn't get better than summer. Especially when all winter long we hibernate inside watching the snow fall from our windows.
This year it has been 50 degrees and cold and rainy and I fear I am close to getting that dreadful SADS disorder, which typically comes on in winter, but never summer! Yesterday was the Summer Solstice and I am ready for sunshine and warmer days, long afternoons at the beach , and a walk on the boardwalk! Where are you Summer? I am dying to wear tanks, sandals, and long flowing skirts.To Feel the sea breeze in my hair! And smell like suntan oil! I simply cannot stand another week without you!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Mom turned me into a Vampyre

I am so excited for the new Season of True Blood to start on June 14th. It really doesn't even seem like it has been almost a year! Aww Sookie lol (only you who watch the show would find that funny , I suppose)

I also just started reading the most unusual book called You SuckIt is about a guy who's girlfriend "kills" him and how much she "sucks" Oh ya and there's also a dyed blue hooker in it -yup, dyed blue hooker! Christopher Moore has a unique style of writing that I have not seen much but I am falling in love with his quirkiness.

Wycked Good

Wycked Good is right! On the New Hampshire Chronicle this evening on WMUR I saw a wonderful local artist who paints faces and bodies and transforms them into the most amazing pieces of art! Using water soluble paint that washes off and an airbrush pen along with bold and vibrant colors and a splash of 'fairy dust' she creates her elusive masterpieces. The segment was on painting of children and it was so sweet to watch them light up and 'transform' as Deidre MacDonald said. And transform they did, into her thoughtful and delicate works of art that won't be around forever.
Deidre also seemed to absolutely love her work and seemed to know just the right design for each one. Some of her works involve advertisements on models at various types of shows, parties,glitter tattoos, pregnant belly painting, haunted horror
makeup and special effects SFX.
The artist also said she practices daily on her own face.

It is so amazing what some artists can do!

Wycked Cool

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