Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DayTripping Through New England: Portland Maine

I must admit that the first time I went to Portland, it was incredible! I was also DayTripping in a Nor'Easter while carelessly taking the back roads up to Bar Harbor from Hampton Beach New Hampshire which turned out to be a 10 hour trip! What my husband and I were thinking, I have no clue! We will chalk it all up to a severe case of cabin fever in February.
This Summer's trip to Portland was quiet different. My daughter and I were actually able to get out and walk the streets and enjoy some of the culture. I am always in awe of classic New England architecture and Portland leaves you wanting nothing in that respect!

I also must admit that Portland DOES leave you wanting REAL food! Even after walking the city 3 times, I could not find anything other than Vegan food. I had to pass on the cold buckwheat noodles that everyone was offering...

Every Friday in the Square you can find street musicians filling the air with Indie music.I can never pass up live music, So we sat for a bit and listened...

My daughter found an old mail slot on a Goth style door and asked why they do not make these anymore...i did not know what to say other than 'cuz they just make inboxes now' so i just took her picture

Stop that Madison!! We are on a DayTrip! Mother-Daughter bonding time, ya know?
Kids.... (she did leave it in the car when we ended up at York's Wild Kingdom so I guess compromise is good)

And then she made up for it by posing for another photo

The Street Art was nice too

Window Shopping. I'd wear it..maybe

Street Games

Madison in front of Portland Museum of Art-can You see her?

we were too hungry to go in and this town blows for food unless you are an organically grown Vegan . We decided it was time to go to York's Wild Kingdom and have a damn Corn Dog which is exactly what we did and we don't even eat damn corn dogs.

So Long Portland...Next Stop, York Maine

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