Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Mom turned me into a Vampyre

I am so excited for the new Season of True Blood to start on June 14th. It really doesn't even seem like it has been almost a year! Aww Sookie lol (only you who watch the show would find that funny , I suppose)

I also just started reading the most unusual book called You SuckIt is about a guy who's girlfriend "kills" him and how much she "sucks" Oh ya and there's also a dyed blue hooker in it -yup, dyed blue hooker! Christopher Moore has a unique style of writing that I have not seen much but I am falling in love with his quirkiness.


  1. sounds like a book I should read:D

  2. I found a box set of the first 7 Sookie Stackhouse books for $31 on Amazon and bought them. I started reading them last Wed. and am on the 4th one...soooooo good! I accidentally caught TrueBlood the first night it came on and couldn't watch the whole thing right then...I finished it OnDemand and was hooked! I love Alan Ball...Six Feet Under is probably my favorite show. My husband thinks I'm nuts for being so excited about season 2...but he secretly likes the show himself. I'm pretty sure I'll beat up whoever tries to change the channel while I'm watching it. The books are pretty different from the show but I think they did a good job (and sometimes a better job) with how they've made those changes. If you haven't read them yet, do it!

  3. I have-my mom has sent me every single one! Charlaine also writes about a psychic too who finds dead people-those are my fav. of hers! Cant wait for Sunday woot!

  4. you're welcome =)
    you have a lovely blog :O

  5. Alright lady...when is this BOGO sale happening?...I'm chomping at the bit!


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